Keep up your network

To make sure as many exporters follow you, it is important that you keep invite exporters. Even if you’re already active for a while, because the number of exporters keeps growing. You will get a message on dashboard when a new exporter had reported. By clicking on it, the exporter immediately gets the request so that he can follow you.

Give permission to buyers

When you receive a request that an exporter wants to follow you, you have to give your permission. You see this request immediately on your dashboard. By clicking on it you can give your permission.

Invite buyers

To expand your network, it is wise to invite buyers. Besides exporters, it is also possible to invite the buyers of the exporters to follow you. You can also invite buyers who doesn’t use FloraXchange, You can do this by adding there name and email adress. You can invite exporters by clicking the button ‘network’ and then ‘expand network’.

Merel Prins

Written by Merel Prins

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